Terms & Conditions

So our Terms & Conditions are easy.

Please don't screenshot and post on social media. This will only ruin the fun for anybody else.

The site was built as a bit of fun!

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is even easier than our Terms & Conditions. We only collect payment details to m

Oops Something Went Wrong?

Sorry did we drop the ball, Did something go wrong with finding out "How many people paid £1 to see how many people paid £1"?

Very sorry about that you will of received a thank you email from us Paid 1 Pound inside the email is a backup link just in case of any issues we missed. There is also a unique ID you can enter below.

You can use this link/code as many times as you want but it will only ever tell you what the counter was at when you made your payment! Sorry we did think of somethings.

If you can't find your email then please check your junk/spam folder. (Fingers crossed we aren't hiding im there) If your still having problems finding it then please use the contact page to let us know we will help you out :)